Privacy Policy

Understanding our Data

Airphrame, Inc. uses unmanned aircraft to collect aerial survey data consistent with long-standing commercial practices in aerial photography and mapping. The only difference from traditional aerial photography is that Airphrame, Inc. uses unmanned aircraft. We collect digital imagery no different than images produced by familiar consumer digital cameras and smartphones. This is the same data collected by traditional, manned aircraft conducting aerial photography. Data of this type is often referred to as “geospatial” data. Airphrame, Inc. does not collect sensitive data.

We collect the aerial imagery for the purpose of making digital maps of the earth. The maps are used by a variety of industries for a variety of uses. Common examples include the Engineering, Construction, Mining and Public Safety industries.

Use Limitations

Should law enforcement request access to data related to specific property (or persons), the requested data will only be provided 1) in response to valid judicial or administrative processes, 2) to protect the operator's property, 3) to defend claims against the operator, 4) to provide what the operator believes in good faith to be evidence of loss of life, serious injury, property destruction or theft, or other serious crimes, or 5) if the data subjects provide informed prior consent.

Concerned Individuals

Airphrame, Inc. supports an individual's right to understand what information Airphrame, Inc. has collected with respect to that individual or that individual’s property. Upon request, Airphrame, Inc. will allow any person to view the data related to themselves or their property. In order to permit such viewing, the individual must submit information such as the location of the individual's property and evidence of ownership or residence. This information will only be used to identify whether or not Airphrame, Inc. has collected data and if so, allow viewing.

Airphrame, Inc. permits viewing as a courtesy to concerned individuals, and this policy is not intended nor should it be construed to create any rights or obligations under the law or by contract.

Please contact us for questions related to this policy.