Solar Design

Airphrame’s on-demand aerial mapping delivers 3D models that allow solar companies to remotely assess roof parameters and identify shade objects, using web technologies. Our service provides a scalable method to reduce costs and increase sell-through rate.

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Airphrame’s data can be used to support:

Remotely Collect Data

The solar industry is rapidly transitioning from on-site assessment of roof size, pitch, condition, and shading to remote data collection. Sending technicians to climb on rooftops is costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. Airphrame’s imagery and 3D models are twice the resolution of the industry standard, enabling more accurate measurements and the ability to perform visual inspections without ever visiting the project site.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

By leveraging remote data and utilizing automated design tools, solar companies can increase their hit rate while lowering sales costs. Improve sales efficiency with accurate data and remote assessment and increase your close rates so you can serve more customers, more quickly.

Make Data Actionable

Airphrame data can be imported directly into a broad range of industry-standard tools, including Autodesk, SketchUp, and several commonly-used solar design applications. For the first time, this data combined with modern shading analysis tools provides a complete solution for companies to remotely design accurate systems.


REC Solar
We were able to use Airphrame’s imagery to do our preliminary layouts for our PV projects.
Dan Hicks
REC Solar

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