Environmental Consulting

Airphrame’s on-demand aerial mapping service collects survey data, site maps, and high resolution photos to help your team collect and analyze key data. GIS analysts, project managers and scientists leverage Airphrame’s remote sensing data to reduce fieldwork and automate post collection analysis.

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Airphrame’s data can be used to support:

Higher Quality Data

Using advanced robotics technologies, Airphrame achieves an image resolution that’s twice the industry standard. You’ll get the highest quality and accuracy to fit within your budget.

Enhanced Project Efficiency

Airphrame's technology reduces the time field technicians spend gathering data, replaces select subcontracted survey services, and streamlines data analysis by allowing integration with powerful analytic software tools.

More Competitive Bids

Create more accurate proposals while demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of project scope. Begin your analysis immediately without waiting on surveyors or owners’ as-builts.


WRA Environmental Consultants
The data exceeded our expectations in terms of accuracy and usefulness.
Peter Kobylarz
WRA Environmental Consultants

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