Construction Management

Airphrame’s on-demand aerial mapping service collects provides construction managers with high resolution updates at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. This helps relevant parties efficiently and accurately monitor construction progress, run cut/fill analysis, manage resources, and track changes remotely.

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Airphrame’s data can be used to support:

Recurring and Automated Data Capture

Airphrame provides a reliable record of project progress all in one place, allowing stakeholders to easily access and share data without the effort of updating and distributing files.

Completely Transparent Pricing

Using our online quote tool, users can indicate the geographic boundaries of their project, input the requirements and make adjustments to generate pricing quotes on the fly.

Readily Available, Secure Access

After capture and processing, your data is stored in our secure online portal, making it easy to reference site data, link out to other software, and share with stakeholders.


Geografika Consulting
The thing I like most about Airphrame is that it’s cost effective, and it’s a very quick turn around. It makes it easier to purchase data on a quarterly basis.
Megan Gosch
Geografika Consulting

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