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An end-to-end solution for the capture, management, and analysis of spatial data

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Airphrame manages the operation of remote sensing devices to capture very high resolution, real-time geospatial data. Similar to a constellation of satellites, customers can order spatial data anywhere, at anytime, without any equipment. We specialize in delivering the information you need to make accurate, analysis driven project decisions - without any technology investment or risk.

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Use our online quote tool to receive instant pricing details by simply highlighting your project area on a map.

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2D Maps, 3D Models, Aerial Photos

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Choose 2D Maps for GIS base layers, 3D Models for engineering measurements, or Aerial Photos for visual inspection.

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Instantly view or download large, high resolution models right on your web browser without any additional software.

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GIS Professionals

Access the highest quality data to inform your project analysis. Data is in a format compatible with any geospatial software, with download available for further analysis.

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Project Managers

Get access to content, while saving time and money. Use our online tools for instant pricing transparency and immediate visualization of the content you order.

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Enterprise Users

Leverage an end-to-end solution for the scalable data capture and analysis your company needs, no matter the quantity, size, or frequency of project locations.

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Customer Successes

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
Airphrame has developed software allowing fast ordering, programming, and deployment of their small unmanned aircraft system (UAS).
Greg Baker
Environmental Scientist
WRA Environmental Consultants
WRA Environmental Consultants
The data was beyond our expectations in terms of accuracy and usefulness
Peter Kobylarz
GIS Coordinator
ENGEO Incorporated
ENGEO Incorporated
Before, it was financially prohibitive to engage the resources to do aerial surveys or topographic mapping for small residential developments.
Patrick Lam
Engineering Geologist
Alan Kropp & Associates, Inc.
Alan Kropp & Associates, Inc.
We used Airphrame for a landslide investigation and were able to put the data in GIS and draw cross sections. We could use the data immediately.
Alma Luna
Project Manager