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Airphrame controls a network of remote sensing devices (Airphrames™) that are able to operate over most developed land — both rural and urban — in the United States.

A turnkey data service, Airphrame allows you to obtain aerial data without having to be concerned about vehicle specifications or operations — simply point and click on a map.

What does aerial data include? Digital imagery, 3D models, orthographic maps, and visual analysis.

When business decisions require timely analytics, aerial imagery can be used for measurements, object identification, or change detection — No other system can be in as many places at once or deploy as economically as Airphrame.

As high as 3 cm / px.

Satellites can recognize if there’s a car, Airphrames can distinguish the type.

Want to see your assets across the world at the same time?

Need to know how your sites compare with those of your competitors across the country?

Unlike satellites, there’s no limit to the number of places Airphrame can be at once.

As high as 6cm horizontal and 15 cm vertical.

For geospatial projects we can include Ground Control Points (GCPs). We also partner with experts in photogrammetry to achieve engineering design standards.

Understanding how the physical world changes throughout the day can unveil a wealth of information with which to gauge operational decisions. Satellites and traditional aircraft fail to deliver such precise and timely analytics. Whether you need a picture taken at 11:36am or every hour on the hour, Airphrame can accomodate.

An initial picture can be sent anywhere in the world in less than 5 minutes after capture. A fully processed geospatial dataset can be generated within 24 hours.

All digital information is yours; all physical assets are ours. That means you don’t have to worry about technology getting damaged or outdated.

We’ll take care of the acquisition so you can focus on the data.

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Getting Started

This is our self-service ordering tool, useful for estimating project costs and submitting technical specifications. You will be able to a select mapping product and then specify an area of interest to see how the project costs are calculated dynamically.

To get started, please select your desired product to the left.

Aerial Photography

Sample Photos View Sample Our photo product contains standard JPEG images taken from oblique or vertical orientation. The can be as high as 1cm per pixel ground resolution and turn around can be as fast as 24 hours. This product is very useful for pre-survey site planning, periodic documentation, and in certain circumstances can replace in-person field inspections. Order as many or as few as required by simply clicking on the map in the next step.

Download Sample Data

Orthographic Map

Sample Orthographic Map View Sample Our orthomap product is a standard photogrammetrically corrected two dimensional map that adheres to industry guidelines for orthorectification and spatial accuracy. We can achieve up to 3cm ground resolution and 6cm x/y accuracy. Common uses include site planning for construction and utilities, before and after change monitoring over large areas, and county-wide GIS base map layers. There's no limit on surface area coverage or frequency and our product can either be downloaded GeoTIFFs or hosted on our web-based maps interface. Outline your Area Of Interest (AOI) on the map upon clicking "Next".

Download Sample Data

LIDAR Point Cloud

Sample Point Cloud View Sample LIDAR point clouds are an invaluable tool for engineering-grade design work over large areas, particularly for infrastructure. Our LIDAR product is a result of point cloud generation from a series of overlapping photographs taken at up to 35 different angles. We can achieve a vertical accuracy of 9cm, horizontal of 6cm and a density as high as 30 points per meter, almost 10x the concentration of traditional helicopter based systems. Access this data and see further advantages (such as RGB for each point) by outlining your AOI on the next step.

Download Sample Data

3D Model

Sample 3D Model View Sample Customers refer to our 3D models as “google earth on steroids.” We provide a navigable web-based model, so detailed it can resolve patio furniture. Popular targets include universities, hotels and resorts, theme parks, golf courses and more. Whether used as a means to virtually explore a property, provide site context, or privately own your own up-to-date Earth-like interface, simply outline your AOI and see your site in little as a week.

Topographic Map

Sample Topographic Map View Sample Topographic maps are delivered as a surveyor certified 1ft contour map, either as a layer on geospatial software or as a tiled map on your own web interface. Common use cases include volumetric calculations on reservoirs, mines, and rock slopes; frequently updated construction cut and fill maps; infrastructure and corridor planning tools; or even for residential permit compliance. Like most or our products simply click on the next button and proceed with outlining your area of interest.

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The desire to provide timely spatial and analysis data from aerial imagery spans many industries. Our technology is specialized for two sectors: Engineering and Insurance.

Engineering — Airphrame benefits anyone who works with geospatial data by offering a more reasonably priced data source, thus increasing the potential frequency of capture.

Insurance — Airphrame can help reduce insurers’ risk and customers’ premiums by making the world a more deterministic place.


In order to meet environmental compliance and reporting standards, reservoirs, mining, and landfill operations require timely geospatial data. Our topographic maps and digital elevation models are well suited for regular horizontal and vertical site assessments.


Incorporating aerial data into pest response, irrigation, or variable rate application is neither trivial nor common practice today, as it requires in-depth knowledge of both crop and local conditions. We can’t manage your field, but we can get the cheapest and most up-to-date images possible to whomever can.

Urban Planning

Traditionally, maps have been acquired in a bulk capture process that is both expensive and infrequent. Our technology is designed to keep maps always up-to-date at a low cost, only capturing areas that have undergone development, often within days of an event.


Freeways, railways, pipelines, and powerlines require survey data for planning, operations and maintenance, and regulatory review. Engineers and Operators can depend on us to support their corridor and route projects, roadway realignments and widening, intersection and ramp improvements and more.

Catastrophe Response

Due to the low mobilization cost of Airphrames™, we are able to react and deliver after events on very short notice: identifying event boundaries, affected properties, and degree of damage.


In underwriting, an underinsured property benefits no one. Airphrame makes sure that every room is covered by allowing for building measurements with far less error than those taken in person or from alternate data sources.


Check on assets with a frequency corresponding to their value. Enable add-on services such a monitoring for nearby brush growth (wildfire prevention), roof deterioration (storm prevention), or activity in second home (theft prevention).


Contribute to risk exposure models with a more detailed database of characteristics including those measured by behavior and changes over time.

About Us

Organizations are increasingly looking to utilize different types of data to provide a better service for their customers; Airphrame provides a wealth of information from the sky.

Our company started in 2012, developing remote sensing products for agriculture. We’ve since grown

our talent and ambition to provide a more universal solution — one where you don’t need to understand or operate any equipment to capture the data you need.

We strive to digitally describe the physical world as it changes, opening up a broad new array of analytics. We hope that you’ll join us as we do.

Meet the leadership that makes this possible:
Bret Kugelmass
MS Stanford Engineering
Former: NASA Goddard
Hao Chen
Flight Systems / Computer Vision
MS Berkeley Engineering
Former: CPCC Lab
Graham Gibbons
Lead Software Engineer
Cooper Union EE
Former: Microsoft
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